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VoIP Phones

When using VoIP services there is more than one option for placing calls. You can use the computerís keyboard to dial the phone number, you can use a regular phone with an adapter that connects into the computer, or you can use a VoIP phone.

There are many VoIP phones available. Some VoIP service providers have their own specialized phones that you can get when you use their services. You can call people all over the world without paying high long distance fees. VoIP phones and services offer customers an affordable way to stay in touch with friends and family.

The particular features of your phone can vary depending upon the package plan you have. For example, one top name brand VoIP phone has 25 features. These phones can include caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding as some of the most basic features. You can receive missed call and voice message notification. They can offer buddy lists, a personal contacts directory and directory assistance.

It is usually very easy to connect a VoIP phone onto your computer. For example when using a TalkPro phone, you connect the phone to one of your computerís USB ports. Then you install the CD software that came with the phone. In the case of this particular phone product, you can also download the latest version of software available on the Internet.

Types of VoIP Phones

A broadband hard phone looks like a conventional phone, but instead of plugging into a telephone jack, it communicates with a VoIP server, VoIP gateway or another VoIP phone through an Ethernet port. Because a broadband phone connects directly with VoIP equipment, it does not require a computer or VoIP software to use the telephone. You only need to have an internet connection.

Dial-up hard phones has a built-in modem. It connects to a remote VoIP server using the modem and dial-up Internet connection. A phone line and a dial-up Internet service is all that is needed to use these phones. No computer or software is necessary. These phones are popular in places where broadband Internet services are not readily available.

Another type of VoIP phone is a soft phone, which is an IP telephone in software. In order for soft phones to work, certain hardware must be present on the computer. The computer needs hardware to for sound input and output. Whatever PC you are using should be equipped with a sound card. You also need a headset or microphone and speakers.