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VoIP Advantages

The technology that allows users to make telephone calls using their broadband connection is called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Phone calls are made using a data network instead of an analog phone line. Using VoIP can have many advantages.

One major advantage to using VoIP services is that it can save you money. Many VoIP providers offer flat rates for long distance services. Most VoIP providers will also allow you to select your own area code. This does not need to be the area code where you live. If you make a large number of phone calls to an area code that would normally be long distance, you can make that your area code. You will then save on long distance fees.

For a small monthly fee, many VoIP service providers will also allow you to add additional inbound phone numbers to your service. This allows you to have local phone numbers in various area codes in the country. Obviously, this will save you on long distance fees. You can add a second line to your service to use as a voice or fax line, and the cost is low. The long distance service on this second line is usually either unlimited or low cost.

If you are using a broadband Internet connection, you will not need a separate phone line to make telephone calls. This will save you the monthly fees associated with having an additional phone line. With most VoIP services you can talk to several people at one time and not have to pay any additional fees.

VoIP services are digital, and therefore may offer more features than traditional phone services. You can make changes to various options through your browser. For example, you can change your call forwarding settings. You can receive email notification when you receive a voicemail. Recordings of your voicemail can be sent to your email, and you can forward the messages to others.

You can also make your phone line mobile. For instance, if you go on vacation you can take your phone adaptor with you. You will then be able to use your phone service anywhere that you can access high-speed Internet service.